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We have developed a 3-D Customizer so that you can customize your own packets online using your own logo, photo, text, qr code, etc. 


It allows you to instantly see and visualize exactly what YOUR product will look like in real-time and in 3-D


Click below to access our 3-D Customizer:

How does it work?


1.Click on the link above to access the customizer

2.Customize your own packet by importing your logo, picture, etc. by clicking “image”

3.Choose the background colors of your packet. You can also use an image and choose the transparency with the “Transparency” bar

4.Choose the color of the text’s font

5.Input your email address and click on “send” and you’ll receive a link for your creation that will also include a unique identifier for you to place your order



We have an in-house  infographics service so for any specific question or demand with this tool, don’t hesitate to send us an email through our contact form at or feel free to call us at ( 33) 1 4278 65 89 .

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