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The marketing appeal behind our product

It is at the same time a way to advertise as well to benefit public health, which touches all of us and is genuinely innovative.

To offer a packet to your clients/associates is an act of benevolence, directly in response to the huge increase in awareness around hygiene during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Of course, customizing your packet results in increased brand awareness and boosts your brand’s image as one who cares about your clients’ health, while also serving as a strong communication strategy.


In what circumstances would our product & what comes with it be enticing for a business?


•In a salon, the client will remember your generous act, which will leave a positive memory of your business

•In a hotel, optimizing your establishment’s reputation

•In restaurants where you will naturally gain your clients’ trust and rapport

•In offices or office spaces to show employees that their health is a primary concern

•At games, events, parties where a large number of people gather and transmission chances are high


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