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Our Donations:

With each packet sold, Gel + France donates a percentage to the AP-HP Foundation and the worldwide known Gustave Roussy Institute.


It is a worthy and lasting engagement to help medical teams, sustain medical staff, and further medical research.


Why did we choose to do this?

Because we’re ALL concerned by health and medical issues


Thanks to its donations, the AP-HP Foundation contributes to:

-Research projects in all medical fields (cancerology, chronic diseases, rare diseases, etc.)

-Improvement in waiting rooms, building better relationships with patients’ families, better patient care, etc.

The AP-HP Foundation helps support the medical teams in 39 hospitals that make up the Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris, including:

•8 million patients per year

•Half of France’s research facilities for rare diseases

•The most prominent supporter of France’s clinical trials

•More than 40,000 patients included in research projects

•A network of more than 10,000 researchers and 9,000 published works

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